Life is a celebration of the beauty and horror
of maintaining distance from equilibrium.
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Because nothing matters to the universe,
everything can be (serious) play.

I am currently a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab in the Responsive Environments Group, where I work with Prof. Joe Paradiso, and graduate fellow at the Santa Fe Institute, where I work with Prof. David Wolpert.

Living systems are far-from-equilibrium systems consisting of many components that interact and share information among each other in a highly constrained fashion. My research aims to illuminate which properties (hypothesis: modularity, hierarchy, heterogeneity) of that network of component interactions explain the thermodynamic efficiency of the computations they perform. For example, a social network is a living system, for which polarization is a computation that transforms the states of the nodes from a collectively diverse distribution to an N-modal (e.g., bimodal) distribution.

In my past lives, I have conducted research in high school for alternative energy harvesting during the Research Science Institute (2014) held at MIT, received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from MIT (2019) (where I was a Putzen), as well as an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the MIT Media Lab (2021).

The mellifluous buzzing of my neural circuits has recently chased after these wildebeasts.

PhD General Exam Reading List

A simultaneous curse and blessing of human consciousness is that we try to fight the ephemerality of experience by encoding it in all kinds of language and communicating it with others. So, I do that once in a while, recently most often in the form of poetry.

Because it is immensely pleasurable to step out of my palace of theory buttressed with equations and logical sequences in order to construct tangible things, I build things. Together with my partner, I am currently building two houses. More to come on that later. I am too busy building to document everything as it happens but I am taking photos and videos to use for later documentation. I have also build a variety of other shit, like a camper van and plant fixtures, as well as numerous beds and desks that I have no pictures of because before 2021, I hadn't yet begrudgingly acquiesced to modern society's "leave a paper trail or it didn't exist" mentality.