Some writings I am proud of


Her hair blew in wisps and met his lips. Eyes locked on the crashing waves, she stood glowing, effervescent with the rays of the sun, whose warmth scintillated upon the ever flowing water and set ablaze his already flaming red hair. As they looked upon the deceiving infinite, glimmering, melting into the colored orange, red, and yellow oils of the sunset, they stood apart but their hearts beat in sync, thumping melodically to the roar of the ocean.

vignettes on the bengali american experience


My mind roams unfettered, a wild animal with too many limbs. A mutant who can sometimes cloak itself in the presence of company. A beast who has tried to speak many times only to be misconstrued, forced to roam alone from fear of whips, chains, stones from others. Scared to wander into dangerous territories that strip away its cloak. It hides, sometimes whimpering in fear. So I hide.


There are times when I want to rip my heart out of my chest and brandish it in the faces of those who don't understand. Then I think that's wrong. Sometimes I do it anyway because fuck it.